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Local Sonoma County Production Company, Unbounded Ambition Films (UAF), Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for New Film.

Petaluma, CA June 6, 2016 – Unbounded Ambition Films presents a new film, Six Feet from the Edge.

We are all six feet from the edge.

Based in Petaluma, CA the story follows handsome novelist Jonathan as he meets the beautiful April and his current book’s ending becomes clearer and clearer. He pulls ideas from local media, newspapers and personal encounters to piece this character-study-novel together. An intertwining story of ten people on the edge of love, loss and inspiration – searching for meaning – seeking something more. They are all on the verge of breakthrough or disaster. They all begin six feet from the edge. They’re all pushed to the limit. They’re all pushed to the edge. And once they’ve reached that final step, they’re falling… Falling into their greatest fear.

Six Feet from the Edge is a story that magnifies relationships and how they are connected through fate and coincidence. An ensemble of conflicting characters all connected by our fictional, young Award-Winning Author, Jonathan Koplan.

UAF’s lead producers Paul Winston and Kevin Schuh are local Sonoma County residents. Paul grew up in Petaluma and has brought three films, including Six Feet from the Edge, to Sonoma County. UAF plans to have headquarters in Petaluma and be involved in local Film Festivals while supporting Independent Artists with a studio that supplies a one-stop shop for teams looking to make films in Sonoma County.

About Producers
Actor Paul Winston was born and raised in Petaluma. He founded Unbounded Ambition Films in 2008 in order to finance his first film, Shattered Allegiance. After being turned down from hundreds of auditions, Paul took his career into his own hands and has since become a Producer, Writer and Director.

After leaving a high-level Marketing career in Silicon Valley, Actor / Producer Kevin Schuh came to Sonoma in 2010 from San Francisco. He also acts in this film and provides business leadership to UAF.

Vision for Films in Sonoma County
UAF has such a close connection to Petaluma and Sonoma County for its picturesque beauty, welcoming community, and vast landscapes that they plan to bring many films to the area to showcase its unique place as a film destination.

On June 6th, UAF is launching a 4 week IndieGoGo campaign, a source for crowd funding, in an effort to raise funds needed to finish production of the film and release it for film festivals and a variety of distribution channels this fall. The film has already been shot 100% in Sonoma County including Santa Rosa, Windsor, Petaluma, and Sonoma. UAF is hopeful the community will participate in the final stage of funding and also enjoy some fun perks from the campaign.

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